Cedar Valley Woodcarvers   

The Doane Experience is over!  Lyle, Merle and Roger took classes and Linda taught one.  It was small - 123 or so in attendance, down from the 300+ of years gone by.  Consider attending next year to keep this great opportunity in the black.

Our 2018 show is now in the books.  We had great attendance and a superb group of craftsmen and women as exhibitors.  There is a link below that has the photos.

The 2019 show is coming - better start carving those prize winning pieces soon!

Welcome to the Cedar Valley Woodcarvers

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at American Legion Post 298 at 625 31st Street in Marion at 7 p.m. and you are cordially invited to come see what we do and how we do it. Our meetings last about a half hour and are followed by classes taught by our members. We finish about 9 or so.

  David Steil is our President, Kay Lund is Vice President, Don Lund is Secretary, Scott Garbe is Treasurer, Clark Crane is Librarian.  At-Large Board Members are Larry Sylvester, Al Avis and John Marion.  John now cordinates our monthly classes.

Click Here to go to a page about our Canes for Veterans

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Click here for the December Club Newsletter.  Julio Martinez puts it out. 

Click here to see pictures from our 2018 Show.

We now have a set of instructions for our internal carving scholarship.  The Rules and Application are at these links.

The carving club enjoys recognizing veterans by awarding them with a cane we have carved.  Clark Crane does the yeoman's work of making the shaft and affixing the carved eagle head.  Our first goal is looking for Purple Heart vets, followed by WWII vets but will consider any nomination.


Our March 2018 show was a success.  The Kirkwood Training Center in Hiawatha was a great venue and we had many visitors.  We gave a Veteran Cane to Jerry Schierholz, a Korean War veteran and master carver. His teaching has given many of us a start.

Kay Lund was our 2018 Harold Davis Award Winner

We honor one of our members in memory of one of our own carvers.  Annually we give the Harold Davis Award to a member who has given a lot to our club and to the hobby of carving.  Nominations are made to the Board by the membership and the board votes on the winner.  Our winners so far are:

2004     Kirt Curtis
2005     Larry Sylvester
2006     Jerry Schierholz
2007     Maurie Vandewalle
2008     Linda Langenberg-Curtis
2009     Jody Warren
2010     Jim Gerlich
2011     Don Lund
2012     Clark Crane
2013     Roger Norfolk
2014     Scott Garbe
2015     Larry Lebeda and Sherri Wilcox
2016     Tom Roe
2017      Laurie Frisch
2018      Kay Lund



We are just a bunch of folks that share the joys of woodcarving!


Jim "The Bird Man" said there are 1,600 veins on this feather.
Jim passed away unexpectedly in November 2010.  We all miss him.



Our club collage is kinda cool!



Many of our members belong to National Wood Carvers Association

and Mid America Woodcarvers Association


Pictures of all the winners and others from the show may be seen here



One of my favorite carvings from a few years ago. I thought they were real!



Kirt Curtis and Linda Langenberg are our famous carvers. (We try to claim them) They have both done lots for our club. Click here to go to their web page.  It is with great sorrow we acknowledge that Kirt has passed away.  We will miss him.


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